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Find the Perfect Dedicated, VPS and GPU Servers that fit your needs & Save BIG!

Compare your current server to Thousands of Dedicated, VPS & GPU server offers based on PRICING, LOCATION & SERVER SPECS in one platform.

The Unique tool that helps IT Professionals & businesses spend their Web Hosting budget wisely. Find a better and cheaper server for your new projects or a replacement of your current server.

Save Time and Money with our Structured Multilingual/Multi-Currency Meta-search Platform.

Search is available in these languages: Canada flag USA flag Brazil flag Mexico flag (Other languages will be added soon!)

Spend Your Budget Wisely! Compare & Save.

Tell Us How Much Does Your Current Dedicated/VPS/GPU Server Cost You and We Will Tell You How Much You Can Save!

Tell Us About the Budget You Have for Your New Dedicated/VPS/GPU Server and We Will Help You Find the Perfect Deal that Fits Your Needs!

Tell Us About Your Project and the Use of Your New Dedicated/VPS/GPU Server and We Will Help You Find the Perfect Deal that Fits Your Needs! (Our Web Hosting Virtual Assistant WHVA is Coming Soon)

This Tool has been created by experienced Web Hosting and IT Professionals. We are not a Web Hosting provider, and our goal by building this FREE-TO-USE platform is to connect Web Hosting providers (small or big!) with customers and prospects looking for new dedicated, GPU or VPS servers for their projects or those who want to migrate from their current Web Hosting provider.

Web Hosting represents an essential need for most companies. Everything needs a Web Hosting infrastructure. IT Professionals need one or more product categories (Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, GPU Servers, Shared Hosting and Colocation Services) to host their applications, databases, emails, backups, files or just to host their websites for their online presence. The complexity the Web Hosting Industry and the huge number of Web Hosting providers and available offers makes purchase decision very hard for customers.

New Web Hosting Providers, even if they do have better and cheaper product offers, face big challenges to compete with big players, who invested a lot over the years to build their reputation and be on the top of web searches.

The fact that the data present in the web is not fully structured, comparing two dedicated, GPU or VPS servers is very hard. It's the same as comparing oranges to apples. Our platform helps resolve these challenges. We provide the solution which allows to compare complex server offers based on technical features, pricing and location. **Our solution is for Servers Hosting as what Trivago® is for Hotels**

Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel! And at the same time create a unique solution that customers can use to compare their current server to the available offers. We do focus on the technical stuff, and not on user reviews. Even if reviews can help to make purchase decisions, customers have to do not use them as the unique factor, because some/or most are just inaccurate. (Some of these reviews are unfortunately fake and their goal is to hurt the Web Hosting providers' reputation. Others, even if they are genuine, they represent in most cases, exceptions and isolated cases. The reality is that not all the happy customers are publishing their reviews ...

We are not a discussion forum about the Web Hosting Industry. There are few great websites for this. Visit them to learn more!

As our goal is to create A FREE AND EASY TO USE PLATFORM which will allow IT Professionals to compare available Dedicated,GPU and VPS Web Hosting Offers from different providers, we do our best to keep the data accurate and uptodate all the time. New providers are added everyday to our database and inactive providers are taken out from the database.

We are not a Web Hosting provider. Our Server Comparison Platform is FREE AND EASY TO USE. We want to make Web Hosting providers, their customers and prospects life easier by providing a structured and an effective way to compare available server offers. In order to maintain and develop this platform, we do make money from ads and affiliates/partnership (offered by some providers). We do not exclude any Web Hosting provider from our listing. Human and automated checks are performed before adding any Web Hosting provider to our platform.

We do our best to keep the data we have in our platform accurate and uptodate. If you notice any outdated/inaccurate information published in our system (Ex. Server pricing, specs, features, ...), please let us know by sending an email to info-update-WH.PerfectDealsToday[at] In case of differences between the official provider's website and the information published on our web site, the official provider's website always takes precedence.

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